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 Hi there?!

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Hi there?! Empty
PostSubject: Hi there?!   Hi there?! EmptyThu Apr 30, 2015 2:54 pm

HI folks :),

I'm Kaira. Actually, I'm not quite new because I registered almost 3 years ago. I took a 2 and a half years break from manga reading and lurking in scanlators' sites because of pregnancy (my 2nd child :D). But I'm back from hiatus, I've got more time and nerve for reading manga more regularly now :D.
I'm wondering if this forum is still being maintained. There haven't been any posts since 3 years ago??
Hmm, we'll see...
I'm hoping to be able to read "Hanayomesama wa 16sai" someday *lol*

See ya,
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Hi there?!
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