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PostSubject: ***Updates***   ***Updates*** EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 4:31 pm

I just want to give you guys the latest updates about what's going on.

The Project we are currently working on are:
- No Access NO!
- Flower Ring
- Toki Nazumi, Futari Nazumu

Houin no Kishi and Dragon Pearl Boy will be on hold for the moment, but no worries. We will go back to it once we have more staff. ^_^

Please visit: to vote for the next projects we might work on. The last day to vote is on April 15.

There are in total of 4 admins in Amaranth Scanlations:
- Amarante (Me): Head Translator. I will be in charge of ..... multiple things... (Oops. I suddenly don't remember what I was suppose to write for myself... bad memory... TT.TT)
- Sakura: Head Cleaner/ Typesetter. If you are a cleaner or a typesetter that needs help with typesetting or cleaning, just ask Sakura. She will help you. ^^ She is also the person that will check the cleaner's and typesetter's tests.
- Shinouyuki: Head Proofreader/ Quality Checker. If you ever need help with proofreading or quality checking, ask Yuki. She will be the one who will check the proofread and quality check test.
- Liuyue: Proofreader. Liuyue is a proofreader for us, but she will only proofread if there is an emergency.

Overall, we (me, Sakura, Shinouyuki, & Liuyue) are all admins with the same amount of power(?). We are all willing to help you with whatever you need help with. >.<

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