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 Rules for Forum and Release

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Rules for Forum and Release Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Forum and Release   Rules for Forum and Release EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 9:37 pm

Rules for Forum:

Yes, I know. It's very tiring to follow rules, but without rules, everything would be a mess. Don't worry, I'm going to make this fast and simple. The only rules you have to follow is:
- No stealing other people's work/words
- Be friendly
- Have fun and enjoy yourself! (biggest rule of all XD)

See? It's that simple! You can double post all you want, but please don't double post too much. If possible, please go back and edit your post if you have forgotten to add something to your post. For example, don't post for 5 times and then post another post at the same thread. :D

Rules for Release:
(this one might not be as simple as the other one)

1.) Please wait for 2 days before uploading our release to manga hosting sites.
2.) When you upload, please include all the credit pages as well.
3.) To be able to access our release, you must post at least 10 posts. After you posted 10 posts, you will automatically become a Reader--granting you access to our files.

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Rules for Forum and Release
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